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Case Description

The global momentum around Electric Vehicles (EVs) is increasing every year with world shifting from non-renewable gasoline-powered vehicle. With increasing sales of EVs, it is anticipated that the waste stream of lithium-ion batteries will also increase as soon as the batteries reach end-of-life. When we consider EV batteries, we understand that 80% of battery capacity still exists after they are deemed unfit for use in EVs, and proper treatment of retired EV batteries will both reduce their life-cycle greenhouse gas emissions and maximize their economic value. Depending on their condition, used EV batteries could deliver an additional 5-8 years of service in a secondary application. It is estimated that these batteries can serve as energy banks until they deteriorate to 60% of their initial capacity and this extends their economic life by another 10 years. There are multiple applications in which batteries could be reused. Some are based on stationary applications as batteries can be used in the whole electricity chain, from huge storage systems supporting electricity generation to small devices for residential purposes as well as other uses for micro or urban electro-mobility.

Lohum is a battery lifecycle management company that provides services like designing and manufacturing lithium-ion battery packs for low-power transportation and backup power products. They also remanufacture used battery packs to provide an additional 3-year life and recycling the battery materials for reuse in new battery packs and industrial applications reducing the need for virgin materials.

Details of Business Model

  • Lithium Battery Manufacturing Plant Capacity – 0.3 GWh
  • Lithium Battery Recycling Plant Capacity – 1 GWh
  • Area of the Plant – 110000 sq. ft. across two facilities
  • Collected more than 2 million operational miles of second life mobility data through IoT devices
  • Developed IPR, which does complete anode and cathode recovery (Cobalt, Lithium, Nickel, Graphite, and other critical metals.) at a scale with yields up to 95 per cent.
  • Additional average cycle life of battery > 500 cycles
  • Proprietary Battery Management System
  • Advanced Nationally Accredited Chemical Lab for analysis & R&D


  1. Reuse of batteries lead to 100% reduction on energy consumption
  2. Recycle of batteries lead to 40% reduction on energy consumption
  3. Water Savings – 1650 gallon/MT of production
  4. Utilizes 250 gallon/MT of water for extraction of lithium ions


Lohum currently is one of the industry leaders in battery recycling and manufacturing. Its success is attributed to the company’s innovation on the following fronts:

  1. An integrated lithium-ion battery manufacturing and recycling ecosystem for an overall battery management system.
  2. Guaranteed buy-back price for lithium-ion batteries after the warranty period
  3. Advanced Customisation of battery packs and recycled chemicals

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