About Us

CII CABL (Cleaner Air Better Life) is CII’s national initiative to provide cleaner air and a better quality of life to Indian citizens by involving the industries, Government & society to design solutions to curb air pollution at its sources. Clean Air Library under CII CABL highlights and showcase case studies on private sector innovation and novel business models.

Guiding Principles

  • Shortlisted solution has to be environmentally sound over its life cycle. for instance, addressing air pollution should not lead to land degradation or water scarcity in future.
  • It has to be cost-effective to concerned stakeholders e.g., communities, businesses and policy makers.
  • It has to be replicable and scalable in order to be impactful. Highlighting all other social, environmental, and economic merits as well as associated risks would be useful for gaining wide scale replication and scaling.


    • The guiding principles are used to shortlist the cases; however, we understand that most of the solutions are in the developing phase.
    • We, thus, strive to update new information and evidence as and when it emerges. We are open to accommodate changes or discard and accept solutions in our library.
    • Although identified solutions are scalable and replicating, proper contextualisation and participatory planning is must to adapt the solution for local needs and scale them.